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Come and hang out with Rose, Lissa, and the Gang! Choose to become a Dhampir, a Royal, a Moroi, an Alchemist, a Human, or a Strigoi, and have some fun! Create a character and enter the world of Vampire Academy.
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 Dimitri Belikov

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Dimitri Belikov
Dimitri Belikov

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PostSubject: Dimitri Belikov   Wed Feb 22, 2012 7:06 am

Full Name: Dimitri Belikov
Nickname(s): Dimka, Comrade
Age: 24
Place of Birth: Russia
Current Home: America
Molnija Marks: Yes [x] No [ ]
If Yes, how many: 7 (or is it more? o.O)

Physical Appearance:
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: chocolate brown
Height: 6"7'
Body Type: muscular
Style: always wears a cowboy duster (?)

Personal Info:
Likes: old western novels
Dislikes: strigoi...
Strengths: good a fighting
Weaknesses: not too sure..
Biography:Born in Baia, Siberia Dimitri grew up with his mother, grandmother and two sisters in a Dhampir commune. When he was thirteen Dimitri beat up his Moroi father for beating his mother. Taking the expected career path as a guardian Dimtri graduated and became guardian to a Zeklos Lord. However one day, whilst Dimitri was not on duty his Moroi was killed and Dimitri was left without a charge. He was then hired by the Academy and was part of the team that brought Rose and Lissa back to the Academy.

Mother: Olena Belikova
Siblings: Karolina, Sonya, Viktoria

Genealogy: russian
Guardian,Novice, Other: Guardian
If Guardian, to Whom: Christian Ozera
Bonded to Anyone: Yes [ ] No [x]
If Yes, to Whom: [ ]

Friends: umm some people that I can't remember xP

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Dimitri Belikov
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