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Come and hang out with Rose, Lissa, and the Gang! Choose to become a Dhampir, a Royal, a Moroi, an Alchemist, a Human, or a Strigoi, and have some fun! Create a character and enter the world of Vampire Academy.
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 Natasha van Heussen

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Natasha van Heussen

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PostSubject: Natasha van Heussen   Sun May 27, 2012 10:53 am

Full Name: Natasha Khariessa van Heussen
Nickname(s): Nat, Tasha, Khar, Khari, Ari, Riz
Age: 33
Place of Birth: Ontario, Canada
Current Home: Pennsylvania

Physical Appearance:
Hair Color: Brown (sometimes dyed dirty blonde)
Eye Color: Blue-green
Height: 5'4"
Body Type: Slim and slender
Style: Fashionable and comfortable (usually jeans and shirts)
Other: ---

Personal Info:
Likes: Vampires, helping other people, reading, writing, men, romance
Dislikes: Enemies, humans, snobs, abuse, violence, torture, doing nothing
Strengths: Intelligent and patient
Weaknesses: Short-tempered (which only happens when you make her wait for TOO long)
Biography: Natasha was born in a rich Human family. She became an Alchemist, when she was around 27 (so she's pretty new), and started keeping the Vampire world a secret, which she so nearly blurted out to her brother. She is very attractive, though she does not tend to attract or seduce anyone at all.

Mother: Eleni Blanka van Heussen (nee Vladigerov)
Father: Sergei Aleksandr van Heussen
Siblings: Vasilii Dimitri van Heussen (age 40, married to Feia Nizovtseva-van Heussen)

Places Stationed Current and Past: None yet, since she only became an Alchemist when she was 27
Pet: A black cat named Dmitreeva (Dmitri)

Relationships (Fill this in later when you've built relationships with your character.)
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Natasha van Heussen
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