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Come and hang out with Rose, Lissa, and the Gang! Choose to become a Dhampir, a Royal, a Moroi, an Alchemist, a Human, or a Strigoi, and have some fun! Create a character and enter the world of Vampire Academy.
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 Spirit User Anyone?

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Juliet Montague
Juliet Montague

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Spirit User Anyone? Empty
PostSubject: Spirit User Anyone?   Spirit User Anyone? Icon_minitimeMon Feb 20, 2012 12:45 am

Name: Juliet Montague

Looking for: A Spirit user - perferably male... I'm thinking kind of annoyingly cocky, but honestly, any personality would do

How it went down:
Well I'm kind of thinking that this would be a very recent thing, we could possibly even do a dying saving thread, and work it out from the begining. Anyways, this is very sketchy plot, that I've just thought up on the fly, but here we go:
So, I'd imagine you would be - hopefully male, I'm feeling male - spirit user who obviously Liety/Jules (pick a nickname, I'm a fine of Liety meself Razz) knows from school. So, should be about the same age as her, 16/17ish. Anyways, I'm thinking they don't get along all that well. Possibly even play on the almost hate eachother, or at least act like they do.

I'm not entirely sure how Liety would die, I'm still working on that at the moment, freak accident of some sort - maybe even for some added guilt/modivation to save her/ drama, you would some way be at least slightly at fault. Anyways, from there, you know, the save healing would ensue, and then... we'd work on the relationship from there.

So yeah, tell me if your interested, cause you know, I love a good plot, and I think this one is interesting!! Alrighty then!
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Spirit User Anyone?
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